An ode to the art of enamelling, 13BC is a brand at the crossroads between Art & Fashion, where precious minaudières are crafted into collectible design pieces.
13BC presents 13 unique designs per collection, each featuring exclusive artwork curated by the brand’s founder & creator Cherine Magrabi Tayeb. Consciously hand-made in Italy by expert craftsmen, 13BC challenges the ancient arts & techniques of enameling helping to preserve the craft, and translating craftsmanship into exceptional pieces of modern, sustainable
design, with only 25 pieces from each 13BC design produced per collection.



A natural entrepreneur and businesswoman, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb brings together her creativity, specialized knowledge in design, and her business sense to every project she undertakes.
With an academic background in art and design, Cherine has become an avid collector, but is also a proactive contributor and key player on the arts & design scenes internationally. She is a part of the Wallpaper Judges Panel, holds a chair on the Honorary Advisor Committee for Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the San Francisco Contemporary Museum, and is on the council of the Serpentine Gallery, London.
In Lebanon, not only is she a founding patron of the Beirut Art Center, she is also the founder & curator of House of Today, her brainchild, which is a design platform with global reach that has helped ignite the recent design boom in Beirut, and contributed to the promotion & exposure of local Lebanese designers, as well as provide scholarships for students.
Her benevolent and generous personality is expressed in the causes she chooses to foster, sponsor and promote, working closely with a selection of Lebanese charities, as board member of Skoun, an organization that helps those with addiction problems rebuild their lives, and Himaya, a charity that protects and supports child victims of abuse, amongst others.
As patron of the arts & design, and a successful businesswoman, Cherine’s diverse career includes playing a crucial role in the success of Magrabi, the leading optical retail chain in the Middle East with over 200 luxury stores in the Middle East, as Creative & Communications Director of the company.
Her most recent undertaking 13BC, a brand of exclusive, collectible & limited edition minaudières recently launched in paris, that bring art, design & fashion together, with each bag featuring curated enamel artwork by Cherine herself.

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